Olleys Posh Wosh

Pre Wash

1.       Bodywork is Pre Soaked with Turtle Wax Car Washing Detergent

2.       1st Wheels CTA Chemical Wheel Applicator

3.       Wheels are sprayed with a High Pressure Gun.

4.       Wheels are Scrubbed By Hand with a Wheel Cleaning Brush

5.       Intense Chemical Application applied to Wheels if (If Required)

6.       High Pressure Gun is used to remove excess Dirt from the Vehicle.

7.       Car is pre-Washed by Hand

8.       Body work is Pre Soaked Again with Turtle Wax Car Washing Detergent

9.       2nd Application Wheels have CTA Chemical Applicator

10.   3rd Wheels Application of CTA Chemical Applicator

11.   Bodywork is Covered with Tri Color Conditioner