Olleys Posh Wosh


from £80 Larger Veihcles £+

Bookings recomended but not always needed

4 to 5 Hours

Full Valet from £130.00
Combination of Interior and Exterior Valet

Interior Valet from £80.00
Ultimate Wash PLUS
Exterior will be Washed but Not Waxed
The Following Items are Shampooed
Head Lining
Seats and Headrests
Doors and Panels
Boot Area
Towel Dried
Door & Boot Sills Wiped
Inside & Outside Windows Cleaned
Qaulity Checked 

Exterior Valet from £80.00
Ultimate Wash PLUS
Each Panel will be Individually and Proffesianally Examined and Checked for Marks and Oxidisation and the method will be decided.
Pannels will be Compounded if Nessesary (This Might Incure an Extra Charge)
T-Cut to Body Work if Nessesary
Hand Wax Applied to Each Pannel and Cills