Olleys Posh Wosh

Inside & Out Side Washes

No Booking Nessesary

from £18  to £35 

Ready in 15 - 20 Mins


Ultimate PLUS Wash NEW WASH£35.00
as Listed Below PLUS
Front & Backs of Seats Wiped Down (with Moist Cloths to remove light Marks)
Centre Consol Doors Panels  etc also Wiped Down
Total Body Protectant
Ultimate Wash £25.00
as Listed Below PLUS
Wheel Arches Cleaned
Under Chassis Wash
Dash & Exterior Plastics & Tyres Dressed
Air Vents Brushed Clean
Air Blast Door Pockets Dash & Consol
Protectant Applied to Dash & Consol
Seats Hovered
Classic Wash£20.00
as Listed Below PLUS
Tri Colour Polly Foamer Conditioner
Clear Coat Sealant
Special  Wash£18.00
Interior Vacuums
Dash Board Wiped
Scent Sprayed into Vehicle
Ashtrays Emptied if Open (If Closed we will not Empty)
Boot Area Hovered (on Request) Boots will only be cleaned if they are Clear
Foam Bath and Wash
Standard Wheel Clean
Towel Dried with Clean Fresh Towels 
Door & Boot Sills Wiped
Outside Windows Cleaned
Quality Checked